ARTICLE I – The Club

Section 1 – Name

A)    The name of the organization shall be the General Motors Salaried Retirees Club of Maryland, Inc. (hereafter Club).

Section 2 – Purpose

A)    The Club is a social organization.  It will provide information on retiree issues and benefits, conduct social affairs, promote fellowship and commingling amongst members and sponsor and/or support charitable, civic or other worthwhile activities for the betterment of the community.

Section 3 – Non–Profit Organization

A)    Since the functions of the Club are social, no part of its income shall benefit any of its members.

Section 4 – Club Year

A)    The fiscal year will be from June 1 to May 31. 

B)    Membership dues shall be payable on a calendar year basis.

Section 5 – Dissolution of the Club

A)    The GM Salaried Retirees Club of Maryland, Inc cannot be dissolved as long as fifteen (15) members remain and then only by a unanimous vote of the remaining members. 

B)    In the event of dissolution, the assets cannot be used for personal gain of any member, but shall be donated to recognized charitable organization(s), determined by the membership.

Section 6 – Non-Political

A)    The Club shall not become affiliated with any political party, movement or organization nor shall it permit any campaigning or political activity at its meetings or activities.

Section 7 – Revisions to By-laws

A)    All revisions, deletions, or additions to the by-laws of the Club must be approved by a majority  of the Board of Directors.  After approval by the Board, the changes must be approved by a majority  of the membership (members in attendance at the voting meeting). 


ARTICLE II - Membership

Section 1 – Membership

A)    Membership is extended to:

1      any salaried employee who retired from any General Motors unit.

2      former salaried employees in good standing who would have retired as salaried employees, but due to circumstances beyond their control, such as elimination of their job, returned to the hourly ranks and subsequently retired hourly.  To qualify under this provision, such employees must have had a minimum of 10 years continuous salaried service before their job was eliminated.

3      regular active salaried employees with a minimum of ten (10) years service, who were not eligible to retire under the provisions of a facility closing and thus separated.

4      the spouse, surviving spouse, life partner, or sponsored significant other of a member.

B)    Membership is not extended to those salaried employees who involuntarily severed their employment from General Motors with vested rights (deferred pension).

C)    Membership will not be denied anyone eligible under II.1.A, due to sex, race, religion, color, national origin or sexual orientation.


Section 2 – Dues

A)    Dues for the next calendar year shall be established by the Board of Directors prior to and announced at the October meeting. 

B)    The dues amount(s) will be published in the minutes of the October and November meetings.

C)    Annual dues shall be paid by January 31st. It is the responsibility of the member to pay the dues by the required date.

D)    If the dues are not paid by December 31st   the unpaid member will be removed  from the roll and Hot Line call list..

E)    The Board of Directors shall have the authority to grant full membership in good standing to a member, not current on dues, due to an incapacitating illness.

F)    Upon request of the surviving  spouse, annual dues will be refunded for a member who died prior to March 1st

 Section 3 – Compliance with Rules

A)    It is the duty of every member of the Club to comply with the by-laws and rules.

B)     A copy of the by-laws and/or other rules of the Club are available for review at the regular meetings and will be posted on the Club’s web page.


ARTICLE III – Regular and Special Meetings

Section 1 – Regular Meetings

A)    Regular meetings shall be held on the fourth Thursday of each month, unless changed by the President and agreed to by the membership.  Normally, November’s will be the 3rd Thursday and there will not be a meeting in December.

Section 2 – Special Meetings

A)    Special meetings of the Club may be called by the President.  A notice of a minimum seven (7) days shall be given, the purpose of the special meeting, and only the business stated in such notice shall be considered and acted upon.  It will be necessary to have at least ten (10) members present at any called special meeting before any business may be transacted.

Section 3 – Attendance at Meetings

A)    No non-members shall attend any Club meeting, except for organization representatives or guests approved in advance by the President.


ARTICLE IV –Officers

Section 1 – President

A)   The President will enforce the by-laws and rules of the Club. 

B)   The President will preside at all regular and special meetings of the Club.

C)   The President shall maintain all legal documents, with the responsibility for processing all legal notices, forms and inquiries as required by both Federal and State governments.

D)   The President shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors (ex-offico).

E)   The President shall appoint all committee chairs and fill all officer vacancies.

Section 2 – Vice President

A)   The Vice President shall assist the President and in the absence of the President shall perform all the duties of the President.

B)   The Vice President shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors (ex-offico).




Section 3 – Secretary

A)   The Secretary will keep accurate minutes of regular meetings, recording all motions made and carried.

B)   The Secretary will carry on necessary correspondence at the request of the President, keeping proper records of all activities. 

C)   The Secretary will file all correspondence mailed and received by the Club.

Section 4 – Treasurer

A)   The Treasurer will receive all monies, and keep accurate record of same.

B)   The Treasurer will deposit all remittances to the Club in a federally insured bank. 

C)   The Treasurer shall pay all debts of the Club.

D)   The Treasurer shall report the condition of the finances of the Club at each regular meeting. 

E)   The Treasurer shall make an annual report of all receipts and disbursements. 

F)    The Treasurer will administer a petty cash fund to cover incidental requirements, the amount determined by the Board.

G)   All financial records shall be audited yearly.

Section 5 – Sergeant-at-Arms

A)    The Sergeant-at-Arms will maintain order at regular meetings.

B)    The Sergeant-at-Arms will lead the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. 

C)    The Sergeant-at-Arms will take the attendance count at each meeting.

D)    The Sergeant-at-Arms will take charge of all balloting and may enlist any member to assist in these duties. 

E)    The Sergeant-at-Arms will swear in all new officers for new term.

Section 6 – Board of Directors

A)    The Board shall consist of the President, Vice President and a minimum of three (3) to a maximum of six (6) members elected by the membership. 

B)    They will exercise general jurisdiction over the affairs of the Club between meetings. 

C)    They will handle all matters assigned to them by the membership or standing rules of the Club. 

D)    If the Board cannot reach a decision on any matter, they shall refer it back to the membership at the next regular meeting

E)    Any decision of the Board may be overturned by a majority of the vote of the membership present at the meeting. 

F)    The Board will elect a Chairperson the same month in which they take office.

Section 7 – Trustees

A)    Trustees will audit the financial records annually.

B)    A minimum of two (2) to a maximum of three (3) trustees will be elected by the membership. (was 6)

Section 8  - Terms of Office

A)    All members in good standing are eligible to stand for office.

B)    Officers shall serve a two (2) year term beginning at the start of the fiscal year in even number years.

C)    No member shall hold more than one (1) elective office during the same term.

D)    There is no limit to the number of successive terms of any office that may be served (no term limit).

E)    Any officer of the Club may be removed from office for misconduct or neglect of duty, by a majority vote of the members at a special meeting called for such purpose.



Section 9- Succession to Office

A)    Upon an opening, for any reason, in the office of President, the Vice President will assume the office of President

B)    Openings in any office other than President will be filled by appointment by the President, for the remainder of the term.

Section 10- Nominations and Elections

A)    The President shall appoint a Chairperson of the Nominating Committee. The chair shall select a minimum of two (2) committee members no later than January 1.

B)    The Nominating Committee shall announce its nominees at the March meeting. 

C)    Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the March meeting.  The Chairman of the Nominating Committee will confirm the willingness of the nominee to run by March 30th.

D)    When the number of nominees is less than or equal to the number of openings for any office, the nominee(s) shall be deemed elected by acclamation at the March meeting.  The Secretary will record same.

E)    When there are more nominees than openings for an office, the minutes of the March meeting shall include a section to be a ballot.  The ballot portion of the minutes shall be printed from the electronic or cut from mailed minutes and returned following the instruction in the minutes. 

F)    The Sergeant-at-Arms and a committee of his choice, if required, will make a formal count of unopened mailed ballots together with those personally presented at the May meeting,






This is true, correct and complete copy of the by-laws of the General Motors Salaried Retirees Club of Maryland, Inc., as approved by the membership at a regular business meeting held on  June 23, 2011       and the approval recorded in the minutes of the meeting.                                                                        Month/Day/Year



Approved _______James B. Smedley_____________________                Date: ________6/23/2011_______





Witness:  _______C. Edward Watts_______________________               Date: _________6/23/2011______                

                               Chair - Board of Directors