Standing Rules and Policies

Following are general rules and policies that have been approved by the Membership. They are consolidated here for ease of reference.  These do not govern the organization or operation of the Club, and thus are not subject to the same requirements for modification as those to change the by-laws.  Any of the below may be changed by a simple majority vote of the membership.


A)    Upon the passing of a member a “Lodge Notice” shall be placed in the Baltimore Sun.

B)    Get well cards shall be sent to sick members and sympathy cards sent to the next of kin of a deceased member.

C)    Upon payment for an upcoming Club event (ie. Bull Roast, Christmas Party, trip, etc.), no refund shall be made, except in instances of a death or extreme illness of the immediate family.

D)    Anyone who is not current on dues on the day of the event may not attend the Club event where the cost is subsidized by the Club. (I.e. Crab Feast, Anniversary Party, et. el.)

E)    Anyone appointed by the President as the Chair of a committee shall select members to serve on same.  The Chair shall have full responsibility and authority for the committee’s assignment.

F)    No cash is to be mailed to the Club.  All dues or other remittances to the Club shall be by check or money order.  The Club will not be responsible for dues or cash given to Club members, except by agreement, to the Chairperson of membership or affair.




Revision approved by the membership on       June 23, 2011 as recorded in the meeting minutes.



Affirmed by:           ______James B. Smedley_______